Friday, September 11, 2015

A Real Horroshow

Here is my new blog Baby, the story of Polanski's Rosemary's baby & why it matters NOW.

This shit is tres fresh, linking the Depp film Black Mass & the upcoming US papal visit to themes in Rosemary's Baby.

Plus a bunch of real world terrors you'll wish you didn't know.

It is a horror movie after, & this time, it for realz.

Saturday, August 1, 2015

Who Killed Cecil The Lion?

Yesterday, chatting with a Mr. Silver Pill of Ireland, I made a mistake, a simple error in addition, the sort of mistake that bothers & compels me to look deeply into what I have previously merely thought about.

Our discussion was prompted by Mr. Pill's question, posed on his YouTube channel, about certain term-values in the strange case of Cecil the Lion. I chose to contact the fellow because in the act of listening to his thoughts, my own unformed ideas gelled in an instant & I felt I could clarify for him a key detail. 

Later realizing my sloppy math & meditating upon it & just feeling a fool, I felt compelled to actually look at the matter & in the end the one fact I presented in my talk with the gent, a fact that I felt the most inappropriate stretch of connection, would prove itself in sickening detail.

First to the matter of my blunder.

3 + 5 + 3 + 9 + 12 = 32
C   E    C    I     L = 32
The addition of the letters in Cecil are 32, in my dumb cabasa I added them to 33. Sorry Mr. Pill, but it turns out this error proves a merit in two ways.  
As it is well know to students of gematria, the practical addition or subtraction of a single one from a sum total is established & studied deep back into the antiquity of Biblical & Koranic gematria.  
More thrillingly, allowing for the traditional +/- one, the correct addition of 32 proves more closely my main answer to Mr. Pill, who wanted to know what, if any, was the significance, the mantra-repeated-until-it-is-on-everyone's-lips-significance of Lion Slayer Walter Palmer's vocation, namely dentistry.
32 is the number of teeth in the adult human mouth.

The complete code is a block or a loop & thus the matter of dentistry does not present itself at once. I will present each key point as they occur to me, the complete significance is in the full loop, most of which I discussed with the charming & sagacious Mr. Pill.

The final shocker, which I discovered in the search to cover my lazy error, will be presented as my seventh proof, a proof now ordinary, obvious to me, but that was utterly outrageous to me as I presented it for the first time, less than 24 hrs ago.

As a hint of foreboding, it has all got to do, the terrible part of it, with the image you see here, below.

The keys.

1. Obama presents himself as The Lion King & in particular as the Disney Simba, destroyer of the dark-maned Scar. Zimbabwe, meaning land of the lions, derives from Simba, which means lion.

This first key detail, along with the fact the Obama is in nearby Kenya when the famously dark-maned Cecil is killed, presents itself at once to those accustomed to such matters.


2. Throughout his initial campaign for Prezzy, Obama self-conflates with JFK. Speaking at the Pergamom of Zeus in Berlin as JFK did. Accepting his nomination in front of a san-serif pergola similar indesign to the modest pergola at Dealy Plaza.

Owsald killed the Lion Kennedy, a detail presaged by Disney.

In my theory, Obama is an cartoon anti-Kennedy. Oswald the Rabbit, like his successor Mickey Mouse is very much a pickaninny, which is the cartoon depiction African. The pickaninny is defined by a contrasts of very, very dark, slate black skin vs. color blocks of white eys & red lips. I am comfortable stating to painful certainty that Mickey, Oswald, & many other 20th Century cartoon characters are in fact crypto-pickaninnies.

Top pickaninny, Google image search

I am also compelled by the story of Reverend Pinckney & his the coloring of his stately viewing.

Pinckney = a crypto-pickaninny? I think so.

The matter of Charleston is a no mere incidence of interest, it is an critical key to the mystery of Cecil.

3. The standard etymology of Cecil is from the Latin for blindness. This is a misleading conflation.

The correct interpretation of Cecil is from the Latin, by way of the the contracted ce cil, or ce ciel, meaning This Sky, or The Sky.

Ciel is also used to indicate The Heavens, Latin cieli meaning Heaven.

I add to this the vault of heaven as an arch. To me, this is a nice hint at the keystone, the Upper Arches of Freemasonry, at the 32nd & 33rd degrees. Recall CECIL = 32.

4. Ciel provides the common English derivation ceiling & therefore roof.

Charleston, South Carolina is nestled softly between the 32nd & 33rd parallels.

In 2007, nine firemen die when a Charleston roof collapses.

Later, Dylan Roof guns down nine good Christians for no good reason, among the victims our Rev. Pinckney. Dylan sports the flag of Rhodesia, named for Cecil Rhodes, also the acknowledged namesake of Cecil the Lion, who is killed in Zimbabwe, the former Rhodesia.

Ce-Cil the Lion dies under the House of Leo, a constellation which features nine main stars.


5. I watch Big Brother with my Mom--we do it for science. 

Phillip Zimbardo would approve.

In the current cycle of BBUS the punishment room is a dental office, with dental chairs for beds. The cast includes both a dentist & a character with a visible crown on her number nine tooth, a feature pointed out to other house guest by the dentist himself, a certain Johnny Mac.

Scroll to the bottom here, for documentation.

This matter may seem trivial, but there is something about dentist Johnny & that something is his extraordinary similar manner to the comedian Bobcat Goldthwaite.

Here's Johnny... check around the 2:25 mark for some Goldthwaite signs.

Here is Bob.

Bob of course, is overacting, but the similarity between Bob/Johnny Mac is fucking striking.

Now, a Bobcat is also a Leopard. Obama, by way of his own narrative, his biography, has conflated himself with the Leopard, a fact documented & augmented here by William Tapley.

It may seem a leap, but is Obama the Leopard also Obama the Bobcat Dentist & therefore, as established through the pickaninny connection, is Obama the real killer of the dark maned Cecil, just as his dizzy-Disney-doppler Simba killed the dark-maned Scar?

Yep sez I.

6. The term Charleston Carolina poses some interest, as Charles derives from the latin Carolus. Thus we have a Carolus Carolus, a CC & therefore a 33 to add to the 33rd degree of Charleston, South Carolina.

The 33rd parallel also passes through Jerusalem & here is where our connection to dentistry, the mouth & of all things diamonds, the diamonds of interest to Cecil Rhodes like the gold the interests of Nazi dentists.

Here we see the Rosh Tefillin in right profile. The image inscribed upon the tefillin is the letter Shin, which means & explicitly so, TOOTH.  

Here is a map of Africa. 

One can see easily that the outline of the continent is also the right profile of a humanoid skull. In The Revelation it is said that a great cube, a cube of massive dimension, will descend from the heavens & land upon Jerusalem 33, which firmly establishes the cameo of Africa as that of a humanoid right profile.

We can likewise discern the nation of Mozambique as the parted lips of this Great Head & the nation of Zimbabwe in the position of the mouth

One can further observe the Great Lake system as salival & nasal functions of the head, but the real kicker here is Zimbabwe as The Mouth & therefore the Teeth of the Great Humanoid Head.

CECIL = 32 = Human Adult Teeth.

Now the Hebrew Shin means literally Tooth, but is also use to signify a bright clear flame, a Shin-ing light, a light so bright & clear it floods the perception with white light.

In the study of diamonds, the so-called & thought impossible flawless diamond is described as that which catches, concentrates & reflects all available light into a point of complete & blinding brightness.

The Talmud scholars themselves refer to Shin as a jewel of light, a diamond, just as the term sephirot, the title given the houses of light in Talmudic scholarship, is the ancient source of the term sapphire

7. Would it interest you to know that high-power telescopic imagery of the Constellation Leo is blocked from amateur viewing by Google Sky & other sources. Check it out here, for yourself. 

This is my my big kicker, the horror of it, because I conflate the blocking of Leo with the blocking of what is one of the most pressing matters in human history, ever.

Right now, while Jimmy Kimmel cries, literally breaks down in grief over the Murder of Cecil the Lion, no body, NO-FUNKY-BODY in the MSM is crying out about about the Planned Parenthood debacle, which ought to be the hottest incident to be discussed right now, perhaps the single hottest incident in human history.

The death of Scar, Cecil the Lion grips the Disney zeitgeist when at precisely the same time when everyone who cares about humanity ought to be talking about Planned Parenthood & seeing this awful mess for what it is, murder. 

Planned Parenthood are a gang of Satanic butchers & it doesn't matter your politics, nor the politics of those who present the information.

Well, thee syncsters who have stuck it out this far, if the absurdity of Who Killed Cecil next to The Soylent Baby debacle, yeah, it is that bad, if this doesn't convine you that Planned Parenthood is a flatly evil organization to its core, from its eugenic roots & that Cecil is a derived mind-fuck, to purposefully distract from & confuse this revolting behavior, maybe these  final clues will get you thinking again.

Right now, something is happening in Leo, something big, that the little folks aren't supposed to notice. Something blocked from view. One may gather, from the keys thus presented, that there is some sort of cubical object approaching Earth. In dunno, but lots of smart folks of many different stripes think so.

One could say, in terms of this spectre ever nigh, that something crashes through Leo, into Leo, that the sky is falling, or the roof is coming down.

The the ancient Hebraic system allows for the termination of a pregnancy up to the 41st day, six weeks & six days, some time before the heart is formed.

Here is a healthy fetus at six to seven weeks.


Planned Parenthood, in a mighty ethical struggle, sets their limit at 20 weeks. 20!

Nevertheless, to avoid the statistical proof that only a small number of abortions take place at or near this limit, lets look at a 16 week old fetus, which Sanger's bloody clan can & will abort electively, just cause Mommie doesn't want to deal with it.

It can hear its Mother's voice, it is alive.

These are the creatures that Planned Parenthood can & will abort electively, which they then harvest for parts to donor research organization & who knows what else. I likewise aver that the claims of limited late term abortion at low numbers are false & that this evil organization pushes these boundaries gleefully, willfully, whenever they can get away with it.

But what does this have to do with Cecil, Cecil whose life was aborted  by a cryptic-Obama connection, Obama, who should have by now openly convened a commission into the Planned Parenthood scandal, but won't because he is a tranhumanist so its all good, right?

And what does it have to do with Leo, the Nine starred constellation blocked from refined view of amateurs?

Well, there is this.


A wire-hanger, the dirty tool of a dirty job.

Do you see what I see? The shape of Leo & the shape of the wire hanger?

And of course, to use his tool of evil, the abortionist dismantles it as below, he in fact decapitates the wire, as seen here, in this image of a decapitated Leo.

This was my big stretch, the potentially inappropriate connection that embarrased me in my talk with Mr. Pill.

Then, looking for deeper detail to cover my 32/33 maths error, I came across this & felt myself vindicated. 

Ladies and gents, meet, Diamond Tooth Richards, Planned Parenthood Helm & now repugnant apologist.

Her friends call her Cecile.

Of course, comments on her apology are disabaled.

That's Rich, Cecile.

Another beheaded kid, who would not yield to the sluttery of Salome, cried out to all of us REPENT.

It's good advice, Cecile. 

Maybe the sky is falling & no time to be chicken anymore.


Da WWWiz. 

Monday, April 20, 2015

Occult Humor by der zauberer

After he dies, Manly P. Hall goes directly to the library in Heaven, to make sure his opus Secret Teachings of All Ages is well displayed.

He is not at all surprised to find the book listed under the title A Controlled Sample of Potential Platform Simulations Derived from Platonic Epistemology & that all the copies were in Hell & overdue past grace to fours levels of manifold infinity.

All copies housed at Larry Screwtape, 666 Park Avenue, NY Apt. 237.
Current fines: The constant of 214, 748, 367 in a 64bit two's-complement format at a unit of 300 Krugerrands = constant 1   

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Catch 22 X Two -- Dennis Koch -- Gallery Luis de Jesus

In this new & terrible year, it has been my delight to assist in the creation of a catalog for the upcoming showing of Dennis Koch at Luis de Jesus, L.A. on February 21st.

Dennis is a pretty boss multi-media artist who is attracting some all-seeing type attention from disparate corners of the Great Cubic Matrix of Art 'n' Shizz.

For me, this collaboration was all that & a bag of 64 gig hot-cheddar Frito-Lazzles, my brothers & sisters.  A memory I will keep close.  Thanks, Dennis.

Below is a selection from my contribution to the catalog. 

Culled from my massive collection of arcana nervosa, wedged for nearly 30 years between a couple folders-full of my favorite Chick Tracts & my pristine collection of Classics Illustrated comics, is the essay Valis Schmalis, from Dr. Aziz Aziw.   The section below is the introduction to the full version of this mysterious antique pamphlet circa 1988.

If you are at all able, check out Catch 22 X Two at Gallery Luis de Jesus.

To read the full text, & enjoy Dennis' Art in your very own paws & that of contributor Talitha Wall, you'll want to grab a copy of the catalog.  Copies are going fast.  Available through Gallery Luis de Jesus.

The glacier knocks in the cupboard
The desert sighs in bed
And the crack in the teacup opens
A lane to the land of the dead 

- W. H. Auden

Inroit & Kyrie

In the 1970's, sci-fi pioneer Philip K. Dick attempted to clarify & then to document the nature of a sudden meta-vision, derived from a series traumatic psycho-active events he experienced in the wake of the Watergate scandal.

His attempt to apprehend this awful wave of truth would dominate completely his work & life for a decade, until his exeunt stage left into the wings of the Great Mystery Play, leaving for examination of his vision the shambling Ozymandian opus Exegesis, & VALIS, a gently fictional chronicle of his adventures during the period of his Watergate Breakdown.

The baseline of Dick's vision is that of a perpetual Time Loop, a loop designed to forestall the return to Earth the Kingdom of Heaven, a kingdom he proposes must exist only beneath the domain of a truly just & healing prince, whom he identifies somewhat skittishly as The Head Apollo.  

The fact that this misnamed Apollonian saviour in the most profane manner is also Christ, & in the most fine manner is precisely Christ, is a point of critical distinction, as in the key anecdote of his epiphany, Dick relates the conviction that the Loop is initiated by a group of shadowy magickians in & around the period of The New Testament Book of Acts.

Acts unwinds following the Crucifixion of Christ, to continue for about 80 Solaris Anni, until the destruction of the Second Temple, when Christ has promised to return, heal the meek & rid the face of paradise the wicked for all time.  

The magick of the Loop is that at the exact moment of The Promised Return, the historical timeline rears back upon itself, warping space & twisting the return of Christ into a retooled allegory of the horrorshow at Golgotha, 80 years or so gone away, when The Act begins again.

For a while, a Xerox of the typed-out version of Dick's Exegesis was available for study.  In the margins, pencilled in cursive scrawl by a friendly inquisitor of the manuscript, a precise term is used to describe the so-called bad guys in our story, the designers of the Loop.  

Jewish Alchemists.


In spite of this blunt & finely targeted expression, that Jewish Alchemists designed the Loop, it seems that Dick did not undertake to illuminate for himself much in the way of Hebrew Mysticism or the widely known ancient documents of the Hebrew tradition, the essence of which one learns quickly to be welded at the foundation with Integers, or Numbers, as it is likewise welded with Hebrew Letterforms.

Had Dick sought out such a study, we submit that the factual existence of the Saturnine Loop of his celebrated vision might ring more truly, more brightly in these latter days of the self-satisfied certainty of science.  Moreover, Dick's ultimate attitude toward the Loop, which he also called a Black Iron Prison, which he perceived as strictly evil,  may be, in the halo of a more studious light, reevaluated with some delightful results.

We consider first a couple of basic axioms.

1) If Dick's vision of the return of the Head Apollo is an accurate vision, then the Loop is a temporary fixture, allowed to operate as an extension of human selective choice until the level of abomination reaches an offence too great to permit, when the entire Loop is justly destroyed.

2) If Dick's vision is flawed, then the Loop could be a permanent fixture, potentially representative to the finest degree of all cosmic phenomena & sensational experience.

There is a paradoxic irony in the tension between these axioms.  If one perceives through the lens of a need, such as the first axiom demands both the destruction of the Loop & the restoration of the Kingdom of Heaven, then any deeper understanding of the Loop becomes profoundly pointless.
On the other hand, should one observe a less outcome oriented approach to the material, the possibility for detail & even legitimate Gnostic inspiration seems limitless.

We choose the latter.

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Moon In The Middle Tutorial Table Of Contents

Will be updated & brought to the top page with each new lesson.  Follow links to MRC.

TODAY is RED (1)

Friday, September 19, 2014

Midnight Mini #1 Alibaba Kazam!


Hey Madge, do you mind if I tell 'em that you are an incessant smoker & reader of paperbacks who propped lil' ol' moi in front of the boober-tuber to receive psychic transmissions directly from Stalinist Russian satellites 24/7 as soon as I was able to sit up without falling over?  And can I tell 'em just how many times you mused a comparison of my alcoholic embezzler & long-lost dear-old-dad to Jack Nicholson?

She calls back from the boiler room, "shut up, Stan".

I'll take that as a yes.

Jack, Ma & Danny
Got an email today from friend Denny Coq-au-vin, who thought I would find interest in a Japanese cartoon movie called Alakazam the Great.

I read his mail not too long before my traditional mid-afternoon 2 to 6 catnap.

Upon awaking, my Mom accosted me with some info she had heard on the BBC.  Here it is.

The biggest (or one of the biggest) IPO's in the history of the NYSE, from a Chinese Internet company called ALIBABA, the brainchild of a Chinese man my Mom insisted looks like a Macaque.

"That is interesting" said I to she, "because I just got an email from a dude, about this Japanese cartoon that is the story of a little Macaque who makes it big in the show-biz, but reforms & goes on to serve humanity in a big way.

"Really?" said she, adding "what was that show called?".

"Alakazam the Great", said moi.

Now, because I was still a little groggy froggy, it didn't click just so, & my old Ma slinked in to score the one-timer.  "Alakazam like ALIBABA?", she winced.

At this moment, I said something no young man should ever have to say to his Mom.

"Mom", I sprechen, "you just fucking blowed my mind".

It had to be said.

Here O Bruvvers & Seetsas, are the astounding details.

Alakazam the Great is based on a Chinese tale called Journey to the West.  Like the journey of a massive whale of a Chinese IPO heading into a Western market, an IPO with a decidedly Arabic appellation.  ALIBABA.

Here is a picture of Alakazam the Macaque.

Here is a picture of ALIBABA CEO and founder, Jack Ma, who my ma thought looked like a Macaque.

Does your inner monkey see what I see?

Now, here is the juice.

As many of my readers know, yer pal Da WWWiz doesn't get out much.  A couple of daze per Moon, to get the chores done.   The rest of the time I am home & alone, or with my dear old Madge, sharing a laugh over the Housewives of OC.

Well, just a very few days ago, I shopped for a new shirt at a big & tall shop I visit a few times a year.

It was an early hour.  At the check-out, I offered that I was rarely up at such an ungoodly time as 10 am, as I usually worked late into the night & slept in accordingly.

The fellow there asked what I did for a living & I gave the standard, "I'm a writer", which isn't exactly true, but much easier to explain without giving the dreaded TMI.

At this moment, a lady employee of the store jumped into the chat, & in an odd way to say the least.

She was a Chinese lady named Feng, with poor English pronunciation, in her middle 50's I reckon, a bit too friendly.  She inquires "You have a nice place to write?".

"Nah", says I, "I write in a dingy stairwell".  True.

And may the fires of Satan confound me for all time should I lie, here is what she said next.

"There's this movie about a hotel".

I waited like Phillip Petit waits for a strong breeze.

"It's got Jack Nicholson, and I'm kinda obsessed with it".

JACK MA!  Are you fucking kidding me Stanely?

(But in the dark ardent corners of a burned blue heart I whisper...Stan, my boy, I'll be yer mechanical bride like fur-evur, duder.)

And, for the last, thanks Denny Coq-qu-vin, & by the way...

Addendum Explanatium.  There are two Stans in this tale.  One of them is me ('cuz my mom calls me Stan).