Tuesday, February 5, 2008

The Ohm Agenda: 2012 Explained

***********spoiler alert***********
Don't read this unless you want to know how it all ends (promises, promises).
***********spoiler alert***********

A.:A.: aka S.:S.:

Ordo Astrum Argentum aka The Order of the Silver Star. A cult of Saturn. Yes, but only because it is inevitable. A cult of Isis, too. To say A is A is the same as to say what is is. What IS IS. This is not proffered as an ultimation of the notion What Is Is but as a tricorder reading upon the Electrical Field produced by the Maya. Ancient diction gives mystery, but the English articulation is unveiled - thanks to Liber AL! Not Eye-ziss or Eee-zeess but IZZ-IZZ!

Isis is the electrical field at the threshold to the sixth circuit. Have a gander at the Crowley Thoth Card for the Priestess and you may see what I mean. Thanks again, Aiwaz.

A big kahuna told me that apprehension of reality at such a level is a good proof that we are way beyond body politics. The time to waken has gone by. There is no political solution. It is time for a shock.

Danger High Voltage

Solomon's temple was a nine volt battery. Pillars B and J are the +/- contacts. Contrary to popular mechanics, The Temple of Solomon is not an ancient structure: it was designed as recently as 500 years ago by alchemists at work for The Order. More recently, on 9/11, a stargate was oped and a team of dudes went back through time to build the temple and get things rolling. And as for 9/11, WTC Buildings 1,2, and 7 are the three male prongs of a 110 volt electrical cord. The Freedom Tower is a colossal flux-capacitor.


Da WWWiz elucidates...


Please note that the number '2' is as a capital 'Z'. 12 12 12 gives us IZ... IZ... IZ... which is the hum of an electro-magnetic matrix. I think the event of 12/12/12 may be Comet Holmes. The big flash from Deep Impact was electro-magnetic plasma, no?

So it's one of two.

(1)A giant and deadly ball of plasma is headed for Earth. A secret-team of good-guys plot to save our humble planet from certain destruction. Here's the trouble: human industry will require at least 6000 continuous years of combined effort in order to construct a capacitor that can manage the plasma. The team must travel back in time to the age of the pharaohs to begin their program. But how, dammit, how?!? Our heroes seek out the assistance of Occult and Spiritual Masters. The clock is ticking and with only 11 years to spare the secret to time travel is cracked, but it won't be easy. A mega-ritual will be necessary. The team of good men and women have no choice, they must risk everlasting infamy for the sake of all mankind. On Sept 11th, 2001, the completed ritual opens a stargate to the past . The Draconian measures of this ritual are brought back in time and instituted as a World Order, for such an Order is fundamental to the successful completion of the capacitor. Throughout history the Order rules by an iron hand. Government, Science and Religion work as One to keep humanity on track. The whole agricultural, social and economic framework serves The Ohm Agenda. All the evil men of history are in fact it's greatest heroes. And what of the millions of innocent victims that died at the hands of these would be despots and tyrants... it's all good ma nizzy! 'Cuz once the capcitor has been fully charged by the plasma ball, mankind will ascend at once to the sixth circuit. The dead will rise and forgive their murderers. The entire framework of our geopolitical and pseudo-spiritual cosmology will dissolve into a shower of sparks - for it is but an Ill-usion.


(2)A giant and wonderful ball of plasma is headed for Earth. An international cadre of Occult baddies has worked since the dawn of time not only to stop this anomaly (called The Warm Fuzzy) but to construct a giant capacitor to imprison it and use it's power against humanity. As things stand, it looks as if they may succeed. But wait, what is this... human error. Curses, foiled again. Project Ohm malfunctions and has a greatly inverted effect. The dead come back to life and forgive their murderers. Every one is young, immortal, gay and in love, etc.

Either way, a good time was had by all. A very good time. No charge.


JB said...

STOP blowing my mind, goddammit! lol

Brilliant as all-ways. I personally think Comet Holmes has more to do with the Jesuit/Vatican "Lucifer Project", using the Cassini space probe's nuclear reactor to turn Saturn into a second sun this August (only 6 months away!). The tremendous waves of nuclear radiation should reduce the world population to more manageable numbers, UNLESS... some giant ball of plasma deflects or absorbs most of the radiation coming towards Earth...

Who sent that thing anyway? Am I the only one reminded of the movie "The Fifth Element" here?

kean said...

great article

Michael said...

Wonderfully concise. The two points of view. I'm rooting for the gay version. Course, I suspect we all get the version of the universe we believe in, so we each wind up in "our" own heaven, which is "their" hell. Everyone's happy!

Been musing a bit about 12's myself. Thanks again, and may your grail (divine travel trailer) be magnified in the next life. --Michael

ViølatoR said...

Guess that explains the Freed-Ohm Tower being built.

aferrismoon said...

Ohm eye god

aferrismoon said...

I did 2 posts , one called More-V then another called V-SIGNS, the latter invoving the series V which Michael at Gosporn commented on and I took on. Saw your comment at JB

Michael Skaggs said...

This is great! Simply perfect in itself!! Thank you!

dedroidify said...

Wow! I feel like I have to celebrate just because I read this or something!

Amazing brainfood!