Friday, June 6, 2008

The God That Ate Manhattan

At his latest, Kotze refines his position that the events of Sept. 11th, 2001 served to either magnify or focus world consciousness - for a potential quantam stargate leap. Comic kooks don't need to be reminded that this very trick was telegraphed by the semiotic wizard Alan Moore in his magnum opus Watchmen. More infamous nowadays is Reagan's oft remembered U.N. address about the potentially unifying force of a sudden alien threat to Earth. It is the intention of this post to prove to those who may care to feel such a charge, that the purpose of the focusing that Misters Kotze, Moore and Reagan edify is being used precisely to generate a POWER SURGE.

Power Station

Please take 30secs to look at this advert for the Nissan Maxima. The logo-rhythmic brain might see the summation of the major themes of both 2001: A Space Odyssey and A Clockwork Orange. The man is black to represent early man. He reaches to touch the gleaming black car (monolith). His mind is transported by light speed journey, just like 2001's David Bowman. The orange-crush signifies the opened mind. Recall that in Clockwork, Alex will suffer two serious head injuries. We can safely infer that the orange and it's clock-workings are the human head and it's contents.

This 'copper top' looks like ripe fruit on the vine.

Into this circuit we introduce the Wachowskian model of The Matrix where the human mind and it's subsequent nervous system serve as batteries to power a civilization of machines. Could it be that The Matrix's ineffectual Neo and the omni-egoistic Alexander de Large of Clockwork are One in the same? de Large just might take his name from Alexander the Great, who was referred to as The One by peoples of many nations and tongues. This is the same 'Al the Big', as Kipling tells us in The Man Who Would Be King, that used the All-Seeing-Eye as his personal seal.

Me, that is, Alex. Big and Large. I seize all.

Let's unravel the sacred spools of 20th Century cinema and see what we find to support the Neo/Alex connexion...

Norman Jewison's 1975 Rollerball is a balls-out crypto-parody of both 2001 and Clockwork. Rollerball's hero, Jonathon E. is the Americanization of Alex de Large. Super-masculine. Violent. Fearless and opportunistic, he'll travel about with a cadre of young thugs and command whatever he desires. Like Alex, Jonathon will go head to head with the establishment and to their chagrin, will pull off an impossible victory. The finale of both A Clockwork Orange and Rollerball find the hero being cheered by a wild mob at the zenith of some cruel personal Valhalla. And as Alex in Clockwork, Rollerball's Jonathon E. is all about Orange.

'I've got the juice!'

The enigmatic 'E' of Jonathon's surname stands for ENERGY. Orange = Rage = Anger = Energy. ENERGY is POWER. Through meta-logical overlap we can now connect the electro-plasmatic circuit of Neo/The Matrix back to Alex de Large/Clockwork. And, as we learn in Rollerball, Jonathon's social reality is organized by a HAL-like Artificial Intelligence. Hmmm...?

Our Algebra, thus far...

Alex/Jonathon/Bowman = Energy/The Human as a Battery/Power Source = Orange/Ball

used to power and/or used for possession by

Deus Ex Machina/HAL/The Machine Incorporate.

Crime of the Century

Here is our compelling proof, but first, a word from our sponsor: Gentle readers, please read, or re-read, Nothing Ever Happens and The Ohm Agenda for important background on the POWER + 9/11 equation.

And... we're back. The machine draws power at the beginning of time (above) up to the present day (below).

The links to the use of Human Power to the events of Kubrick's 2001 are of supreme importance. The haunting presence of the Hilton Millenium Manhattan Hotel was the perfect sentinel to the events of 9/11. Keeping our algebra-thus-far well in mind, we will connect the events of 9/11 with the use of Human Power, through the blobby lens of Kotze's 'conciousenss focusing' hypothesis of the mega-ritual.

To my lazy eye, this classic Supertramp album art just screams 9/11 STARGATE MEGA-RITUAL!!!
Trace the outline of the pillar-esque letters 'p' that descend from 'Supertramp'. Do you remember your high-school drafting class? Well, I do, and I'll be a monkey's uncle if those 'p's couldn't be the three edges that begin to form two parallel oblong boxes. Two tall rectangular boxes. And what phrase do we find betwixt our two-pillared stargate? Why, what else but 'Crime of the Century'.

And, oh what a crime it was! The crime of the age. The New Age.

Century? What century?

I Smell Bacon

A while back I reported a nifty 9/11 sync. The Eddie Murphy/Dan Akroyd '80s comedy classic Trading Places offers up the following warning: as Winthorp and Billy Ray cross WTC Plaza with buildings 1 and 2 looming overhead Winthorp says '...nothing can prepare you for the unbridled carnage you are about to witness'. This quip on it's own should send a requisite shiver down the spine, but there is much more. You see, as Winthorp and Billy Ray cross the WTC Plaza they are on their way to trade in Orange Juice Futures.
Now take a look below, just behind the wing, out of your airplane aisle seat window. Look upon the real Lady Liberty. Her fresh squeezed grail of POWER stretched out to greet you. And just beyond this nectar the Mighty Twin Pillars of Trade reach UP into the sky above.
Not enough, oh seeker? Well. put this into yer skittle and fry it up...Supertramp's Breakfast in America was released worldwide on March 29th 1979. This is exactly 8212 days before 9/11. The telephone area code for Manhattan is '212'. This leaves us with Eight 212 or Ate 212. Another look at the album art shows lower Manhattan plated up as a hearty American brekkie. Somebody, some imponderable and amoral machine, is gonna eat it up. A machine that needs POWER. POWER to make the leap from cosmic mainframe to immortal and incarnate. Alive. And where will it find its Big Breakfast? On the promontory of Manhattan called Battery Park.

Fry me to the moon!

And a last morsel, to put it in to personal perspective, dear reader. Let me ask you, were you, like me, watching in absolute horror as the horrorshow of Sept. 11th unraveled... were you, like me, eating your breakfast?

Peace, good tickle brainz...

Da WWWiz

A special thanks to the inspiring and challenging work of Jake Kotze?.


aferrismoon said...

Funky synchs.
I just did a post with the Lost Island, which has at times resonated with Manhatten. The Lost island 'disappeared' leaving but a ripple on the ocean invoking an 'eating' parallel.
William of Orange became King of England in the Bloodless Revolution. The Protestants refer to him as King BILLY , and as a King seems related to RAYs [ which sounds hellishly like RE or RA]. The Prods have an order called The Orange Order, and they march annually on July 12
Strangely Mr.Kotze has connexions to South Africa which had or still has a province called the ORANGE FREE STATE
Then there was a terrible advert for a beer called ORANJEBOOM many years ago in the UK


Jake Kotze said...

The Supertramp album has the letters UP coming out of the Towers.

Thank you for the wonderful read.

Great syncs


JB said...


On the morning of 9/11, I was sound asleep. My father woke me up, and told me that a plane had just hit the Twin Towers. In my daze I figured it was a small two-passenger plane or something, like the one that hit the Empire State Building in the 1930's.

When the second plane hit, I knew right away that it was fixed. No government in the world is incompetent enough to let that happen twice in a row. And when the Towers literally turned into dust in mid-air and vanished from sight, I knew it was all a big magick trick.

The rest of the day was disappointing. It was like "What? You pull a couple of rabbits out of a hat and we're supposed to be satisfied? That's not a grand finale! Blow up a whole city or something!" Seven years later and we're still waiting. ;)

The Sister's Son said...

Interesting too that only two weeks ago the MAN with the HAT ON's new movie came out. Shortly before he survives his visit to Doom Town what are his defiant last words to Blanchette? "I Like Ike." What does it say on the Nuke? "I Like Ike." He then literally is encompassed by an explosion of ENERGY.


Atlantean Times said...

I see the energy links also in many films and would write an equation like this...

Energy = Water Dynamism = polar rota/tion = polar tarot = 23 degrees = 23 chromosomes = 23 archetypes = CONSCIOUSNESS = consciousness alteration = 9/11 = Jupiter in gemini and the sun in leo with el in the horns of taurus = the age of taurus = time travel back 4500 years...

on 911 the sun set at 1911 and 11 seconds as seen from new york...

4500 years ago the pole or tower to the north was in THUBAN as pointed to by the north shaft in the great pyramid....

our consciousness is unfolding just like the stars of the zodiac...the zodiac were mans first symbols as he made pretty patterns from the stars..eventually he talked about those symbols instead of drawing them = Bowman.....maybe......

Michael said...

Excellent. I still have that Supertramp album. I think we've been hitting on a few of the same cylinders, what with the RESPECT post and all.

I was musing about orange, juice and Anita Bryant over on Aferrismoon's corner, remember, "A breakfast without orange juice is like a day without sunshine".

This lovely Google ad appeared on Gosporn this week:

Human Energy
Watch as we tap the greatest source of energy in the world. Ourselves.

Cheers, Michael the Dynamo

Mateus said...

hal-hell-ajue tastes good don't it.

William Thuther said...

Another great one!

Your orange plays into the orange robes buddhist monks wear.

As well as the orange of Kenny on South Park, who dies and is reborn in each episode. He is the buddhist monk of South Park, with a mind open enough to shock his friends with it's pre-teen vulgarity.


Cil said...

Another big one!

Aura,burnt orange-opportunity,cloudy orange-low intellect,dark orange-distrust and deceit,down to earth,BLAM!

orange- bright as the sun,hot like a flame-warm as the light.

evolution-R-evolution?Rah-Egyptian sun God.

Anonymous said...

I was in London on 9/11; flicking between channels, waiting for Oprah to come on. It was 1pm or 2pm. I was watching BBC1 (live) and looking at the smoking tower when the second plane hit. I thought it all looked quite interesting.

I had also just finished lunch and was high on pot. I looked at the smoking towers and thought 'Those things are going to come down. It's just a matter of time'.
Sure enough down they came down.
The apparent personal sync of being involved in that moment (as pot tends to amplify) left me feeling quite disturbed by what I had done. They could have stayed intact. If only I had thought that.

Then, I could see, and not long after that I realised only one thing could top 9/11 and that would be when Aliens come to earth. That's the next big earthly show.

In the meantime I'm doing my best to ensure people become perfect.

There's a race on - me versus them. The fortunate thing is: I'm destined to win. And when I win, we all win.

Anonymous said...

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That was the city where godzilla appeared hahaha, how many times manhattan has been destroyed by... something ? a lot right, and there's always some kind of hero that help the city.