Friday, August 9, 2013

HAL Is Other People, Yes He Is

One of my favorite movie "Genres" is the "Council Flat / Projects" Genre.  I made up this genre myself, and it includes many superb movie watching goodnesses.  Candyman is an example.  So is the recent Caine mutiny called Harry Brown.  An all time fav of mine is Smoke; Christmas dinner in the Projects, ma nizzah.

Today, so soon after my recent unhinged epic triumvirate with Plate and Green, I caught this little goodie, Heartless, which, ten years ago, would have sent me into a spiral of fear ending in a two or three month stint in the calmness of the loony tunes rooms. No shit, it has happened to me more than once in my tawdry, fun filled life.  Let's just say I am committed.

There are enough points of reflection in this super little film to warrant a deep field plunge, but I ain't got the ju-ju for that mojo these daze.

Nevertheless, here are two morsels for your selection.

First, a character quotes Rilke.  "Beauty is the beginning of terror".

Next are two screen shots taken from near the start of the movie, which occur pretty much one after the other.  Note the name of the bodega in the second image.

Please, refrain from reminding me the main character of this ugly little gem lives with his Mother.  Norma Bates, eat your heart out.

Heartless is on Netflix right now.  Critics liked it a lot, audiences not so much, but you can trust Da WWWiz, it's horrorshow, my droogies.


skrambo said...

This movie is just brutal. Like every other movie you've recommended, it's harsh, grim, cold and bleak. I don't even want to finish it. Horrifying stuff.

John Bourassa said...

"Hell is other people"

Thought this many times while driving in Calgary traffic.

Anonymous said...


Have you ever noticed how the letters, "A" and "L" of HAL can be rotated and overlaid onto each other to form the masonic square and compass? I.e. The "L" is the square and the "A" is the compass. "H" of course is a symbol for a "connector". AI can also imply "artificial insemination". And HAL is a computer in the upper mantle that conducts everything (I mean everything on earth's surface). Just watch the final episode of Pat McGoohan's Prisoner. HAL is a LOWstory. (I get this entertaining premise from Glen Kealey) - Ducks

aferrismoon said...

'The Kill List' may interest you.


aferrismoon said...

Also an interesting link via Timothy Spall, the father and professional photographer, and his role in 'Shooting The Past', a series about the imminent closure of a photographic library.


Life Cubed said...

That was a really cool conversation, wish it had been a little longer lol. I had some questions about things you weren't able to fully wrap up. One was you said that you felt you were either basically a communist or a fascist, and you felt they were the former and you were the latter. Can you go into that some. Also the part where you were talking about "planet of the apes' and going back to the trees and how it would have to get ugly, which of course it would. You would have to erase society. Do you feel that ties into global islam? Question 3 you said once you see what the movie is really about the question is, is that true do you feel it is? I felt like yes. Also, you had a post about the music in the opening sequence of the shining and it being code for 2013 year of judgment for America. Sounds pessimistic but I was thinking would that be from Sept. 11 2013 to Sept. 11 2014? I must say I like justified paranoia, ppl who like to believe we are working toward a happy ending seem t ignore the entirety of human history. Good show

Ingrid said...


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