Sunday, December 15, 2013

The Shepherd and the Farmer

The Shepherd and the Farmer

The life of the shepherd is easy
The life of the farmer is not
The shepherd is quiet and breezy 
The farmer is dirty and hot

The shepherd leaves tracks on the crescent
The flock abets every need
The farmer is straight and incessant
So many people to feed

A shepherd may dream in an opium scheme
Smiling to the ocean of night
While a farmer must tether must keep it together
A farmer must set a thing right

A cheer for the shepherd and farmer
Hooray for the peace and the might
Hooray the Arabian charmer
Hooray the Jew fit for the fight

Hooray for us all the rough and the small 
The blessed the stupid the white
And over us all just up there on the wall
A blinding intelligent light

So don't spill the Tubby Custard

- by Jonni Hurd (inspired by her first viewing of "Sharknado", now available to stream)


Anonymous said...

Today my brother is the shepherd, and today I am Cain. Tomorrow we switch roles and our world's diabolically insane. Poetry is the wolf's piercing Fang!

- Flippin Ducks

Dennis said...

Always three ways to amaze. Shine forth Wiz! 87