Wednesday, March 12, 2014

An Open Blatter to Nic Pizzolatto

Goatse, anyone?  Bueller?  Anyone?

I admired and enjoyed TD from top to bottom, so to speak. My controversial take is that TD is the most refined of television ventures which aim to circle around the great wave of ass fetishism rearing its head these days. 

Truman Capote parodied his homosexual predilections (in "Breakfast at Tiffany's"), with a called a character called "Rusty Trawler". 

Rustin Cohle provides a similar bon mot.  RU stink-hole. 

The name "Cohle" could be formed with a variety of spellings and the strained choice made by writers reinforces the "Rusty Hole" motif with an "o-h-l-e" jumble. 

Rust's final injury would, of course, necessitate bowel resection and colostomy and a very likely death by peritonitis--making the final scene in hospital a trick Hollywood ending.  Rust and Marty are likely dead, and as they muse upon the stars, they muse upon themselves.


The theme of the Mississipi as a continental "waste passage" is persistant of late, and may represent a memetic hijack on the BP spill, which may in turn be regarded as a bait-and-switch cover-up for an industrial accident or some eminent domain issues UP stream from New Orleans, thus shoveling the fecal waste of the USA southward into the waters of Mexico.  A serious researcher might look at environmental events along the mighty Miss, leading up to the BP "Spill".  I am not such a researcher and yet, could the identified oil slicks along the "coast" in fact be the wash-back from a massive mass grave somewhere in southern Lousianna, which orginates deeply engounh inland that it could pollute the fresh water Muddy into a great big Tap Water for Cannibals?  


Rust is a blatant "asshole", at least in the colloquial way. 

And Marty is surely a "mouth", a charming, lippy "frat boy" whose name rhymes with Party Hard, and who will literally eat "anything". So we have Mouth (Oral) and Ass (Anal) serving as a reflexive Alpha and Omega sequence. Oral is first. Eating as Alpha in the O(mega) of O-ral vs. Then Anal.  The Asshole as Omega in A(lpha) of Ass. 

Hey Mom, I'm hungry.  Bring me that meatloaf.



Life Cubed said...

Firstly, I did love this show and wondered if you had seen it and would have anything to say. As far as your take I would agree, there was at least one sexual reference to it. Harts' girl on the side calls him up and say she wants him to fuck her in the ass. Also, the sex seen between Cohle and Harts wife seems it could have been anal.

wklaus23 said...

I liked this better when it was addressed to Nic Pilazzo.

aferrismoon said...

TD attempts to contrive Dave McGowan's work [ Programmed to kill - book ] into Fic-Tion


Anonymous said...

My take on the show was that the real Rust and Marty peaked in the 1995 era. Their lives afterwards were but a reflection of those true authentic versions of themselves.

They really had no forward purpose, it was all looking back, 'your future is behind you' sort of deal. An existential crisis of knowing that reality is no longer real but it still insisting that you 'play along' by prodding you every once in awhile.

"Fuck I don’t like this place. Nothing grows in the right direction." – Rust Cohle

- Andy

Anonymous said...

They were also looking for a way back home to 1995, some loop or wormhole back in time. With Rust's theories about the nature of reality and such. That portal Rust sees at the end.

- Andy

Anonymous said...

Interestingly the movie Timecop (1994) features a lot of going back and forth between 1994 and 2004 apparently.

- Andy

aferrismoon said...

In an article about Tony Booth [ father of Cherie Blair ]Stanley Kubrick's film The Shining is mentioned.

Booth burnt himeself very seriously and spent time in hospital.

" In the resulting explosion, the heat was so intense that his testicles retracted into his body. In hospital the agony was such, he says, that "I had to leave my body because I could not deal with the pain." Booth was pronounced clinically dead three times. He says his spirit travelled to Pinewood Studios, where he watched Siân Phillips filming Clash of the Titans. He also materialised, as ectoplasm, to Jack Nicholson while he was making The Shining.

"I thought, I'll fucking give you a shock," Booth says, referring to Nicholson. "I went aaaaaaghh! I freaked him out."

Booth tells me he avoided astral excursions beyond the Greater London area, for fear of not returning to his physical body.

"Are you joking?"

"Absolutely not."

MIght be of interest to you.

The article also refers to Cherie Blair as a 'witch', though not a 'real' witch.


Peter Greene said...

meeeeaaaatttt looooaaaaaaffffff
I make good meat loaf. Lots of powdered mustard, and a can of tomato soup. Brown sugar. The real thing.