Saturday, May 17, 2014

The ShyOnes Of Titan


Massive Dino Bones Discovered In Argentina.

That's right folks, today, Sat. May 17th, on the weekend, and in North America on a long weekend, when na-ho-buddy, NOBODY with any kind of life is following closely the world news--on this day of days--paleontologists in Argentina discover the biggest dino bones like, ev-urr dude.

The photos to accompany this discovery are taken many days if not weeks past from the date of discovery itself.  One particular image shared on the up-to-date TV coverage shows an 8 to 10 feet long leg bone, a bone recovered in three separate pieces, extracted completely from the recovery site, and reassembled on a transport palette.  From the moment of its discovery, this completed extraction is no mean feat of work.  Three to five days of careful, round the clock work.  Minimum.

Does it makes sense the team might wait until the dig had progressed a good deal before releasing this quite truly cataclysmic news to the world?  Maybe. 

But why, oh mighty news agencies of Terra, why choose a Saturday, on a warm weather long weekend, with all the folks gone fishin' or having a tall frosty out by the Bar-B-Q, why you so shy to share this marvellous secret?

Because... Gojira.

About 3 or 4 moths ago, not sure exactly, maybe a bit more recently, there was a spate of coverage aimed the the child of the Late Great Video 80's.  With the understated reputation of "Worst Video Game Ever", Atari's 2600 8-Bit  "free with purchase of console" epic crap off called E.T. was a tragic letdown for many a 12 to 15 year old kid, whose parents would shell out for the console, but not for any of the cooler game cartridges.  The game was so epically bad, Atari pulled E.T. World Wide, and buried the unsold and recovered stock somewhere deep in the deserts of Mexico, for an eternal good riddance .

Now not too long back it was reported the urban myth of the hidden cache of game cartridges was no myth at all.  The long-lost stockpile of  E.T. the worst video game ever, was real, and its digital graveyard was exhumed for all to see.

Down Argentina way, there is the dig to uncover Titanosaurus, and its initial discovery, recovery  and  peered confirmation of its authenticity, simply must run in close contrapuntus with the E.T. game cartridge discovery and dig.

So, in summation.

1. Right now, frittering away the afternoon in AC-chill cinema heaven, tens of thousands of North American children are hunched into their seats enjoying the already well received Gojira reboot.  

2. About three weeks ago, and with some nice parallel marketing to Gojira 2014, the digitized genetic remains of E.T., the Extra-Terrestrial, clad in a silver label and silver box are unearthed in Mexico.  

3. And so soon thereafter in Argentina, on a sunny Saturday when mostly no one is looking, we are introduced to the charming remnants of Titanosaurus, King Of All Kings When Dinosaurs Ruled The Earth.

Is this not The Greatest Show On Earth?  The Greatest Story Ever Told?  Are you not entertained?


ALF said...

If Hollywood is a crypto-reflection of humanity's subconscious, ie, its true being-state stripped of materialist cultural con(de)structions, then I am confirmed in the idea I had upon seeing the trailer for Gojira, namely, that it is a revelation of the imminent dispersal of the lower astral realms (as Zuerrnnovahh-Starr Livingstone terms it) and a revealing of the nefarious activity of 4th density space Lizard psychic warfare. This all but confirms it.

Anonymous said...

"Charilko" precedes the dino in South Ameriko.

- F.D. Private Djucker

Anonymous said...

Dinos haven't been popular with kids since the late 80s/early 90s. I know cause it was my childhood.

So what's the deal with all these mythology and super hero movies nowadays?

It feels like the kids born in the 90s are getting a reboot of my childhood, 20 years later.