Tuesday, May 27, 2014

VALIS, now with more VALIS: Update More VALIS Added After Publication... I mean, I'm talking VALIS here people

This is the final part of a three part series on Free Will, Choice, and the VALIS HYPERCUBE.

Here is part One and Two.

Part Three provides a description of VALIS as given by PKD, followed by an easy peasy divine math breakdown of the design of the CUBE works, along with a justification established by the anthropology of primate social groupings.

I am of the firm belief that the model I present could very well be accurate.  I think it is.  Enhanced by my interpretation of the quality of WILL and the value of CHOICE, I am basically saying that the VALIS HYPER CUBE is The Hotel California.  It could be Heaven or it could be Hell, to which I add that, for a single individuated soul, for a human being, it can not be both Heaven and Hell at the same time.

Of course, this matter may be beyond the wispiest subtlety.  I am glad to be corrected and thusly correct.  There is so much more.

You can check out any time you like...

...but you can never leave.

In terms of regular old sync, my facebook friend JP sent me this image he found while on a sort of sync-walk (what walk ISN'T a sync-walk?!?).  It shows a Water Main Cover, a Circle shape, with a matrix relief of a lattice square with a 16x16 limit.


Update:  An Added Detail.  This 16x16x16 Cube can be rotated upon it central axis to any possible position available inside of the sphere.  The number of such positions is Cantor Manifold 3+.  Infinity, on top of infinity on top of infinity.

These new positions can be scanned, replicated, and then fixed, while the original cube moves back to its original position.

The widely accepted total world human population across history is, at the upper limit, a suggested 110 Billion Souls.

This could mean that as many as 27 million 16x16x16 Cubes exist in the hyper-arc of human history and consciousness.


Anonymous said...

Wiz, it just goes on and on…
Observe: Water and the Cantor Manifold 3+:

Water (H2O) composed of (1) Oxygen (atomic number 8), and (2) Hydrogen (atomic number 1)--Here's your 8 sides of a cube (plus one in center) touching sphere.
From the periodic table we see the atomic weight of hydrogen is 1.0079 and the atomic weight of oxygen is 15.9994.

This means 1 mole of hydrogen weighs 1.0079 grams and 1 mole of oxygen weighs 15.9994 grams.

Water would weigh

weight of water = 2(1.0079) g + 15.9994 g
weight of water = 2.0158 g + 15.9994 g
weight of water = 18.0152 g.

- JP

Anonymous said...

MEMdeleev Periodic Table of Elements:


- JP

Sibyl Hunter said...

Good stuff. There is no death.

dboy said...

moles and Avogadros number; now that is freaky shit ;-)

dboy said...

i was gonna reference 'the hundred billion names of god' but fact checking revealed there to be only 9 billion. and i didn't have the get up'n go to come up with a convoluted justification.

wklaus23 said...

Free will is AIM. SIN is to "miss the mark". Everybody sins, for this we are forgiven. But over time our AIM gets better, we learn to "hit the mark". To choose to not hit the mark is a choice. What is this choice if not free will? This is digital free will: choose life or choose death. Hit or miss. Push play or push pause. Death must be real for life to be real. VALIS is not Zebra, Zebra is VALIS.